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Use the Οnly GRI-specific Sustainability Report Assurance

FBRH Quality: 180+
GRI requirements checks

Globally, the only assurance created to exclusively assure GRI Standards sustainability reports with 180+ checks - assuring that your GRI Standards report meets all necessary requirements by GRI.


Only FBRH Expert GRI
Sustainability Report Assurers

Expert FBRH GRI Sustainability Report Assurers are also GRI exam holders and assure that your report can be trusted to be in accordance with the GRI Standards.

This is a prerequisite that is designed to limit superficial assurance practices and increase quality in both assurance and GRI sustainability reports.


Competitive advantage

Across the world, there is an unprecedented drive towards sustainability. Different levels of FBRH sustainability assurance help companies be at the forefront of sustainability by focusing on what matters, with a global perspective. These companies will be well-prepared to gain competitive advantage and build resilience.


Build trust with key stakeholders

Your FBRH properly assured report will build trust with key stakeholders for business success.

• Clients • Business partners • Top talent • Investors

FBRH Assurance will help you succeed in aligning with younger generations and their decision making patterns.


A culture of sustainability: increase positive change

Businesses cannot succeed in societies that fail. Different levels of FBRH Assurance and the use of GRI Supplier Environmental and Social Assessment Standards help create a culture of sustainability and increase the pace & the number of companies affecting positive change on the environment, economy & society. You will be implementing policies on a company level, that are aimed at facilitating a green recovery.


Affordable starting price even for smaller companies

With a starting price of £2800+vat for the FBRH Basic Sustainability Report Assurance (confirms that all necessary requirements by GRI have been met).


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