FBRH Assurance SustainCase GRI standards sustainability report 200x477Main changes: 2021 GRI Universal Standards

fbrh Main changes GRI2016 to GRI2021 universal standards sustainabilityThe good news is the presentation of the GRI Standards has not changed.

This means that existing users of GRI Standards, are able and can continue to see very clearly, what a requirement is (information that must be reported). This is essential because if you have been trained to use the GRI Standards 2016 you will be able to easily locate the requirements you need to comply with.
A mapping document is available from GRI that clearly shows all the changes made.

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DOWNLOAD the 2021 GRI Standards here

 download Sustaincase new GRI 2021 universal standards CSR ESG SDG sustainability fbrh download 


Globally, the GRI Standards:

Key facts - Global Reporting Initiative


GRI 11 oil and gas sector disclosure 2 218x300GRI Sector Disclosures 

gri-11-oil-and-gas-sector-2021.pdf (Effective from: 1 January 2023)

gri12-coal-sector-2021.pdf (Effective from: 15 March 2022)

gri13-Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fishing Sectors 2022.pdf (Effective from: 1 January 2024)





GRI standards consolidated 2020 FBRH
Download the consolidated 2016-2020 GRI Standards






A good plan of action

Reporting organisations use the GRI Standards to create a complete report and utilise other frameworks where and when needed - and link these to the GRI Standards. Below is a link with all the linkage documents that link the GRI Standards to other frameworks:

The different linkage documents to other frameworks can be found below: 

Linking the SDGs and the 2016 GRI Standards  Effective From: 21 Jan 2021 

Linking the SDGs and the 2021 GRI Standards   Effective From: May 2022 

Linking the GRI Standards and AICPA Standards Effective From: 04 Aug 2020

Linking the GRI Standards and CASS CSR 4.0 (English) Effective From: 05 Aug 2019

Mapping SDGs GRI Update March 2020 Effective From: 27 Mar 2020

Linking GRI Standards and EU NFR Directive disclosure Effective From: 14 Feb 2017

Linking the GRI Standards and the SEBI BRR Framework Effective From: 19 April 2022

Linking GRI and CDP: How are Standards and CDP climate change questions aligned? Effective From: 05 Aug 2019

Linking GRI and CDP: Water and Effluents Effective From: 31 Oct 2018

Linking the GRI Standards and HKEX ESG Reporting Guide Effective From: 10 Jul 2020

Linking the GRI Standards and the Culture of Health for Business (COH4B) Framework Effective From: 16 Jun 2020

SDG Compass Guide Effective From: 06 Feb 2017

Complementary Use and Linkage of the GRI Standards and B Lab’s B Impact Assessment Effective From: 24 Feb 2021




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