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The main benefits of this GRI Certified sustainability reporting course 

★★★★★ Over 140 reviews

The reviews provide key insights regarding the courses' high quality and the value you will gain.


"A big thank you for last week’s
training. All my training
objectives were met."

Johanna Tähtinen
(World Business Council for
Sustainable Development)


"You can know nothing about GRI
Standards and in 2 days you will
be ready to advise clients or run a
reporting project for your

Laurence Cox
(Salterbaxter, an MSL Company)


"This training was immensely valuable for me and I recommend it for everyone wishing to learn not only how to start creating first-class sustainability report but also how to start developing sustainability strategy and plan for your organization."

Tomas Plauska (Consolis)

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From day 1 you will hit the ground running

You will gain the knowledge to use the GRI Standards, create your own 1st-class sustainability report and take action. You will:

  • identify your most important impacts on the Environment, Economy and Society
  • be able to begin taking solid, focused, all-round sustainability action ASAP
  • have the knowledge and tools to begin your reporting process from day one.

The course is geared for busy professionals
who want to understand how to proceed and have a plan for immediate action without wasting time.


Access to Expert GRI Nominated and IEMA Trainer

You will have access to an expert trainer

  • before
  • during, and
  • after the course.

Proper support
Answers to your questions and guidance by your expert trainer so you can confidently proceed with your GRI reporting process.


Learn to use the No.1
sustainability reporting

Globally, only the GRI Standards provide a complete set of standards to address your most important impacts.


Three hundred and sixty degrees sustainability action

Economic | Environmental | Social

With the GRI Standards companies and organisations can address all their important impacts, no matter what they are. The GRI Standards are a flexible, all-round, methodical approach used by some of the world’s most successful companies to take action on Environmental, Economic and Social impacts.


Address any of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The GRI Standards uniquely address all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sustainability reporters worldwide do not need to use any other sustainability framework for their report.


80% of the world’s largest 250 companies

The GRI Standards are used by the vast majority of the most successful companies for sustainability reporting.


Any company or organisation can report

The GRI Standards can be used by any organisation, regardless of sector, size and location. SMEs do not need to publish a full-scale sustainability report. They can have a GRI-referenced report (a few pages on a website or printed report or a pdf). If using this approach, the organisation chooses as many or as few GRI Standards according to its specific reporting needs, taking targeted action to reduce its most important impacts.


GRI: Recommended by the UN Global Compact

Under the terms of a Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2010, the UN Global Compact adopts the GRI Standards as the recommended sustainability reporting framework for companies to communicate on progress made.


Pre-Course Preparation

Our pre-course preparation questionnaire will help us understand your specific needs and prepare for your training.


Valuable Hands-on Exercises

Throughout the course, meticulously designed individual and group assessment and benchmarking exercises are used to enhance learning and give you the tools and methodologies needed to create a 1-st class GRI Sustainability Report.


Post-Course Info Pack

After the course you will receive a valuable postcourse information pack which includes:

  • All the GRI linkage documents to other frameworks (for sample SDGs, EU NFR Directive)
  • Top-rated sustainability reports to benchmark against
  • 10 practical steps to GRI Reporting


FBRH mock-exam

Available as a means to reinforce the knowledge participants have gained during the course.


Two Certificates
from GRI and IEMA

Gain certificates from two of the largest organisations in the world:

GRI is the pioneer in sustainability reporting. It is widely considered to be the gold standard because with one framework you can address all your impacts.

The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) is the largest professional body for environmental and sustainability practitioners worldwide, with more than 14,000 members in over 100 countries.


The only GRI Certified
course recognised by

Globally, the only GRI Standards Certified Course recognised by IEMA.


Highly Rated
Over 140 Reviews

The reviews of the FBRH GRI Standards, IEMA Recognised Course provide key insights regarding the high quality of the Course and the value you will gain.


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Trusted training

FBRH has trained and/or provided services to some of the biggest companies in the world.


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With your 1st-Class GRI Standards CSR/ ESG/ SDG/ Sustainability report, you can address:

• the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Globally, only the GRI Standards provide a complete set of standards that uniquely addresses all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

• the EU Directive for Non-Financial Reporting (2014/95/EU)

• Stock Exchange ESG Rules

Create your own Sustainability Report. A key document for business success.

Competition in business is ever-growing.
We are competing for resources, top talent, clients, business partners and investment.
With you sustainability report your are on the right path to convince these key stakeholders that you are the right partner.

I want to learn how to create a GRI Sustainability Report.
A key document for business success.



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