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Simplified and Meaningful GRI Standards Report Assurance
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Currently, there is no Assurance designed specifically for GRI Standards-based sustainability reports, which could be used to ascertain that all GRI requirements were met.


We at FBRH UK have created the FBRH Sustainability Report Assurance

Α meaningful and simplified tool designed to:
1) Assure that your GRI Standards report has implemented all necessary requirements by GRI
2) Increase the pace of change and the number of companies affecting positive change on the environment, economy and society and help create a culture of sustainability. You will be implementing policies on a company level, that are aimed at facilitating a green recovery.   

Your GRI Standards-based Sustainability Report is properly assured with the FBRH Assurance and will help build trust with key stakeholders for business success.


Detailed information about the FBRH Sustainability Report Assurance for GRI Standards Reports.


Key facts about FBRH

  • Founded in 2001. 
  • Εxperts in GRI Standards Reporting and Certified Training:
    • United Kingdom Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Certified Training Partner.
    • Institute of Environmental Management and Assessement (IEMA) Training Partner.
  • Trained and/or provided services to some of the biggest companies in the world.
  • Provider of the only GRI Standards Certified Course Recognised by IEMA.

Four Assurance Standards - From £2800+vat



* The reporting organisation can choose the level of detail of assurance. For example, deeper investigation might be requested to establish the reliability of information in the sustainability report. The minimum level is assuring that the sustainability information for disclosures is included in the report and in accordance with the GRI Standards.

Companies across the globe that report in
accordance with the GRI Standards

Below is a list of companies and organisations of various sectors of the economy that are using GRI’s Sustainability Reporting Standards for their sustainability reporting. Please click on the title of the sector to expand.

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last updated in this article: May 2020

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