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“It is difficult to overstate the importance of SME-reporting.
Around 90% of global economic activity is the result of small and medium enterprises, so we know we cannot achieve our goal of sustainable development without them.”  (1)

TIM MOHIN, GRI CEO (2016-20)

Interview April 2017,


Currently, there is no Assurance designed specifically for GRI Standards-based sustainability reports, which could be used to ascertain that all GRI requirements were met.


We at FBRH UK have created the FBRH Sustainability Report Assurance

Α meaningful and simplified tool to:
1) Assure that your GRI Standards report has implemented all necessary requirements by GRI. 
2) Increase the pace of change and the number of companies affecting positive change on the environment, economy and society and help create a culture of sustainability. You will be implementing policies on a company level aimed at facilitating a green recovery.   

Your GRI Standards-based Sustainability Report is properly assured with the FBRH Assurance and will help build trust with key stakeholders for business success.


Small & Medium sized Companies represent


of the global economy

The bigger global picture is the No1 material issue of our time:

We need to increase positive change by helping companies that account for 90% of global economic activity to take sustainability action (3)

There is a common consensus amongst scientists that environmental action has to happen now and at a much faster pace to avoid the worst outcomes of climate change. For this to happen, it is also imperative that the majority of companies take sustainability action.

This is why, beyond the Basic Assurance that a report is in accordance to the GRI Standards, it is necessary to acknowledge the efforts of companies that are clearing their supply chains of bad practices with the use of GRI 308 Supplier Environmental Assessment Standard, in combination with other Environmental Standards. To require suppliers to take targeted action and provide sustainability information. In essence, all companies that are reporting must use their buying power to affect and increase positive change. Implementing policies on a company/ organisation level, that are aimed at facilitating a green recovery.

Furthermore, the efforts of companies which use the GRI Standards to show how they benefit the societies and economies on which they rely for growth and profit should also be acknowledged. Companies which understand that such action is ever more important in the complicated world we are living in. For this reason, we believe companies must be encouraged to use:

Four Assurance Standards - From £2800+vat



* The reporting organisation can choose the level of detail of assurance. For example, deeper investigation might be requested to establish the reliability of information in the sustainability report. The minimum level is assuring that the sustainability information for disclosures is included in the report and in accordance with the GRI Standards.

Simplified and meaningful assurance does make a difference

I invite you to use the FBRH Sustainability Report Assurance Standards for GRI Standards Reports to:

  1. Assure that your Sustainability Report is in accordance with the GRI Standards and build trust with your key stakeholders for business success (4)
  2. Actively be part of the bigger picture with action to increase positive change. Across the world, there is an unprecedented drive towards sustainability. Companies that fully engage are at the forefront and well-prepared to gain competitive advantage. (5)

Simon Pitsillides
FBRH Consultants Ltd

(1) “An exclusive interview with Tim Mohin”, GRI CEO, April 2017,
(2) GRI 101 Foundation 2016, page 17. 2.1 The reporting organization shall apply all Reporting Principles from Section 1 to define report content and quality.
(3) SMEs do not need to publish a full-scale sustainability report. They can have a GRI-referenced report (or a few pages on a website). If using this approach, the organisation chooses as many or as few GRI Standards according to its specific reporting needs, taking targeted action to reduce its most important impacts.
(4) Sustainability Report: A key document for success. How do you convince and build trust with key stakeholders that are important for your business success?
(5) Your competitors will gain a compatitive advantage if they are better prepared for the transition to the sustainable circular economy

Companies across the globe that report in
accordance with the GRI Standards

Below is a list by sector of companies and organisations that are using GRI’s Sustainability Reporting Standards for their sustainability reporting. Please click on the title of the sector to expand.

  • 1


last updated in this article: May 2020

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